Law Enforcement organizations have known for a long time that a breathalyzer can’t tell the whole story when it comes to impaired driving.  Drugs, both prescription and illicit, and Drive Fatigue are major contributing factors in traffic crashes, and front line officers do not have the right tools to properly assess all aspects of impaired driving.  Good2Drive is a scientifically proven tool for determining a Driver’s cognitive capacity in a 60-90 second test that can be performed roadside in a non-invasive manner.  It is a tool to combat impaired driving that every Law Enforcement organization should have at its disposal.

Law Enforcement Features:

  • Fully customized Look and Feel to match your organizational branding;
  • Online Dashboard for inputting Agent information and Reporting;
  • Immediate notification of all test results;
  • Immediate access to all updates, improvements, and added features; and
  • Supports an unlimited number of Agents.

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